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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dad's Cancer

The day it happens it is unexpected. You were as normal as an angel, with a twinkle of years past in your eyes. When whoosh, like a windstorm, a right cross, an eviction notice, you're suddenly sick and filled with pain. You decide to walk wounded, continuing to work at a crawl, but it's too late.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Weeping Librarian

The public librarian in the small town was notorious for crying all of the time. It was for this reason no one really reacted when he wept for 30 minutes as a result of losing a roll of masking tape. The only awkward part was an unwritten community rule had surfaced to comfort Frock Anderson whensoever he was in one of these weep filled states.
"The thing about tape Mr. Frock, is it leaves a legacy of posters and mended book covers behind, that goes on for years," one woman told him.
"You know I tell you these things happen on the job to everyone. You are still the best I know of at what you do," a kind man mentioned.
"I lost my aunties change purse and she forgave me Mr. Frock," a young child offered. Frock came from around the counter and hugged her.
Soon we all joined patting Frock Anderson on his back, telling our best masking tape stories, and just comforting our neighbor.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Big Storm and Sex Addiction

Ashpa called her fiance Richard on his cellphone just when she knew he would be driving home from the office.
"Rick make sure you stop at the Supermarket there is a Hurricane coming!"
"Calm down Ash. As a matter of fact how about taking the edge off the day; take your top off and use a sexier voice and tell me exactly what we need from the supermarket."
Ashpa reminded Richard about his sex therapy exercises, but after his relentless begging she removed her top and began to list the items seductively.
"Water two gallons baby, Milk: single-serving boxes big fella,  Alcohol, Crackers, Fruit, Granola Bars, Twinkies, soup, stew, chili, vegetables all canned say it with me canned, Cereal, and Condiments, Garbage bags and ties, paper towels, wipes, fuel (charcoal, lighter fluid, matches) hand sanitizer." 
Richard nodded.
"I got it baby I hear you loud and clear. The perfect hurricane kit."
Richard pulled into the market and winked at the cashier purchasing wine and condemns
"It's a category four sir you might want some toilet paper," the cashier smiled.
Richard winked and hurried home.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mama's Favorites Bobby the Convict Part III

Bobby sat with his mother and she prayed out loud. "Father God we ask that you give us the wisdom to accept whatever decision you have made for Bobby. It is only through you that we sit here today."
Bobby held his mother's hand and even though he was 50 years-old he felt like a kid.
"This permit will give me a chance mama. A real chance. I don't want to work at a chicken factory and farm in between. I don't want to be around unhappy people that think their lives have no chance of moving forward. I don't want that punch to define me anymore."
Inside the room the negotiations over Bobby's future took place without him present. There was some hateful talk and there was the thought of local outrage in the community. However, there was eventually talk of love and hope.
"The man served his time and he was unlucky. We all know that he didn't intend that outcome."
The mayor nodded, and he knew this could be the end of his days as mayor.
He opened the door and invited Bobby and his mother into the chambers.
"I'd like to welcome you as an official business in our city. Your permit has been approved Bobby."
And with that sentence Bobby cried, his mama cried, and Mama's Favorites Food truck was born.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bobby the Convict Part II

The council men sat neatly behind a long table and Bobby handed each a copy of his plan. It was simple, hand written, but it covered everything from the food truck to the recipes. When he was incarcerated it was his dream to start this business. It kept him going.
The council men were all as official as could be, jackets, ties, white shirts, and they all had soft bellies to match their lazy smiles.
"Mama's Favorites," the Mayor asked.
Bobby stood and paced a bit, he was tall and lean, his hair cropped close to his dark skin and he managed a smile as he spoke.
"I know a lot about farming, and I got my land producing just fine, from the corn to the chickens, but my love is cooking.You know up State there I learned me just about every angle and these recipes will be handled with the pride you put into this city."
The mayor spoke for the group.
"You know our concern Bobby in giving you a permit there will be a lot to answer about your past. You was gone a long time son. You killed somebody Bobby. And a lot of people wanted you gone forever many still here. I know Baxter was a hard man to get along with and I know you sure didn't intend him to pass when you threw that punch."
Bobby looked at the mayor and the other men in the room.
"I don't want to sell corn and produce on the side of the road forever while my mama can't even buy a dress for church service. I want a chance and I want to give chances."
The men needed some time. Bobby was asked to wait outside with his mother. The waiting would be painful.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Part 1 Bobby the Convict

The meeting went long and Bobby kept pulling on his new tie, but his mama calmed his nerves.
"Stop fussing you got as much a right to this as any man on this Shore."
Bobby had never asked any white man for anything and now today he was going to ask the City Council for a permit to sell his food in what city folk would call a farm to table food truck.
"You've turned that farm around this last two years since...Well, baby Everyone already knows your BBQ and heck Mayor Ramos himself has come seeking your produce every season."
Bobby smiled at his mother he loved everything about her and knew this was a chance for him to give back to her after so many years locked up.
"They'll see you now Mr. Conway."
Bobby stood, leaned over and kissed his Mama and then entered the chambers his future in the hands of men that he knew would be judging him.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Country Dinner

They served sweet tea and stuffed peppers. We closed our eyes and thanked Jesus for the meal. Her father visited and ate with us he talked about the Statler Brothers and visiting Vermont. He seemed to tear up a bit when he mentioned his widow. My friend checked on his son who had gotten hurt at Karate and chuckled when he asked his mom for chocolate chip cookies to help with the pain.
They were simple folk and they invited me to dinner because that was what they did when someone had nobody nearby. They were country people with warm hearts and kindness inside their hearts. I was happy that night to be there.