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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


He wore a lime green bow tie, against a lime green plaid shirt. His pants were 44 Grey, and on Friday's  he was Stella, a drag queen, that loves dirty martinis and karaoke.
He is outspoken and sassy, flamboyant, and funny. He is loved by the media. When he and his husband chose to marry,  Reality TV, catered the event. America fell in love with this mans creative image. Everyone loved to say he was their friend. And he benefited daily, even was promoted to head chef within 6 months at Mono Poli's. He has truly created and built a masterpiece, in himself. 
Yet oddly, during a rainstorm, at a hole-in-the war dive bar, he told me  over a bucket of beers, that he hated having to be outlandish to be loved.