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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book Sales

He sat at a crowded counter, and read the beautiful inscriptions on his hardback books; turning to the inside pages as carefully as possible.
"Too John: You saved me. I love You. Billie"
"My angel in the dark world you shine you're never dull. Thank you."
The books all were once gifts with glorious important messages, from lovers and friends, fathers and moms, sisters and brothers. Every message as powerful as a story itself.
"I wanted my last book I bought to be for you. I'll miss you. Mom." A leather-bound Dickinson.
The elderly man placed the books back into the box, and onto the floor towards the back of his messy store. Sometimes memories don't trump foreclosures. Or being broke for that matter the tradesman thought.
The sign above the books read:
Reduced: All have inscriptions from previous owners.
The Book vendor went back to the boxes of used books.To sort through more departed treasures