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Monday, November 12, 2012


They blasted classical music and made a spaghetti sauce from scratch with baby peppers so subtle that they smiled at the scent. They prepared the table with silver and fine cloth napkins that were once his mothers. The wine was a modest red which she poured after letting it breath. They were tired and happy. "A toast" he said. "To you Mrs. Obama my partner my friend. Four more years we will serve together and with honor." They touched glasses and had pasta.

Not Elected
He made breakfast for dinner; it was so nonsensical that it fit the whirlwind that landed them back home. "We have scrambled eggs, my world famous dime style pancakes, fresh fruit, and to drown our sorrows a freshly squeezed bloody Mary. I won't tell if you don't." She smiled and raised her glass. "To my husband, I love you more than anything, and the past year only strengthens it." Governor Romney whispered over a tear thank you.