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Friday, November 16, 2012


The idea of being kind was what led to the man cleaning her gutters out, but he never expected the reaction he got.
"To be honest I love you." She smiled and moved very close to the married gentleman. "My mother told me a man that will clean out gutters and look good in jeans while he's doing it is worth marrying. And here you are some tight jeaned angel lands right on my roof. I love you."
The elderly woman smiled. And the two stood, her in her doorway, him on the front porch talking after he did something she didn't ask for, out of kindness. The conversation meant the world to both of them. The sun eventually went down and she eventually went into her empty home.
In a month when he was no longer clean. No longer living with his wife and no longer doing kind things for strangers, he tied up that same elderly woman and killed her. He left the gun in her gutter.

2012 John Paul Mahofski