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Saturday, November 10, 2012


The float had everything that made a parade magical. There was the giant Mastodon's whose heads turned from side to side. The dancing animals that came to life in sync to the subtle rhythms of the Ice Age Soundtrack. Each animal carved or shaped by hand, under strict officer supervision with limited tools and incredible electrical finesse. Airbrushed backdrops that were so real so surreal so damn fantastic-
you could you would stare at the Lions eyes for hours,
which is when you realize the creators of the art did just that.
Spent hours, days, months minutes, seconds often staring
at nothing, at each other, at you.
All for a Christmas parade that none of THEM would ever see, and for the last ten years their float always came in first. The lifers at the penitentiary are the reigning champions of something outside of their world, and that had to be enough.