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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Student Loan Sharks

The boss sat in his Godfather chair, and explained the CONCEPT to the new employee. 
"So here's the deal right. You offer them a rebate, and you'll knock two points off their interest after 36 payments."
The large gloomy collector nodded at the instructions. 

"Once they are behind, all offers are rescinded. Plus they will then make large monthly payments and not one cent will come off the principal. We charge interest daily! No one will bitch, because the spoiled kids had their loans paid for, and the parents suffer in silence. The rich kids folks paid outright. And the poor or working stiffs that borrowed and pay their own way..haha you just know they will be late. And then we got em. This is why we never go under we are brutal we are the AES. and each day more and more come to us."
The boss smiled and they drank champagne cocktails.