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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fiscal Paralysis

The President was pressed against the oval wall when he smiled competitively towards the Speaker whom he had invited for 'Beer.'
"In my day in Chicago beer wasn't even on the radar for foodies, but things have certainly changed; middle class beer like Budweiser is now considered crap, and Chicago is at the forefront of Breweries," he sipped an eloquent, pricey, Mean Manalishi.

Republican Speaker John Boehner, adjusted his casual argyle sweater, and gulped a Hop Stoopid before addressing his foe. "Used to be the President and speaker could resolve issues over a cocktail in the oval office, and everyone felt good about it. Now everyone pays attention. America is going to be so mad, especially those damn middle class voters that we like to ignore if we plunge over the cliff."
The two men stood in the oval room, drinking overpriced elitist beer, not budging. The President poured two Great Lakes Christmas Ales and whispered, "65 dollars a case."

The speaker smiled and grabbed the frosted glass, "America can wait a bit longer they always do. Lets order some pizza. We really are in touch with ordinary people."