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Monday, December 24, 2012

Genie on the Beach

The tired man walked on the rocky beach at nightfall. His mind filled with gloom, doom, and sadness. He was shocked when he saw a Genie on a beach chair sipping a mocktini.
"Oh my God. You are a Genie." The man burst into tears of joy and felt as goofy as a raccoon in a garbage dump.
"I get three wishes right? I've seen Aladdin and that film with Shaquille O'Neal." The Genie stood and motioned for the man to sit in the beach chair, rubbed his hands together and chanted quickly. The winds blew heavy, and their was some lightning. Pleased with the display the Genie whispered, "Due to the economy only one wish, so make it good."
The tired man stared at the Genie and without hesitation stated, "My wife. I miss her."
The Genie pointed to the ocean and the man walked into it and kept walking. The next morning the police found an empty beach chair and an empty whisky bottle sitting on some rocks near a dangerous restricted swimming area.