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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Inner City

There's Missy standing on the corner singing and slobbering since the 80's. That is when some guy put something in her drink to make sure he had his way. He did,  but she staid fried.
Then there's these gangs selling drugs, and little kids running packages for them. It has become an accepted social norm. There's all these feens begging for any high, while broke mothers run from bill collectors and have to rent furniture to put in filthy apartments. Kids are not to speak to anyone and lock their doors until moms hom from her low income job. There's no heat in the winter.
Good people give there last twenty to God and pray for help. Good students are laughed at and ridiculed. Good God its bad and there's guns. Black poverty is different than white. Everyone is hungry. Everyone is afraid. But it's different.