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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pentecostal movie Theater

The woman, a lovely lady, was celebrating the fact that she had found her missing cell phone in the movie theater, which she had lost the previous day.
The gentleman who was waiting for his film to begin saw the large woman's reaction and commented, "God is good."
"Praise Jesus," she replied.
"If loving the lord is wrong I don't want to be right!" He bellowed.
e rose one hand in the air and said hallelujah. He began to dance in place and yelled "Praise be for bringing that cellphone back to this woman."
The entire theater begin clapping and singing 'oh my lordddd lord lord lord mmm hmmm.'
The woman took a deep breath and quietly left the theater cell phone in hand. The man settled into opening trailers and popcorn.
When someone up front said Praise God for movie previews!!!!
JPM 12/17/12