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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Meaning of Sparkle Day

The snow began to fall on the City early afternoon when the young attractive father made the suggestion.
"What if we had Christmas all over again? The children's eyes became wide and their grins were addictive- Whoosh, running upstairs to gather their gifts from the day before.
The gifts they had so carefully placed on the tiny shelf in their small shared bedroom. "The father temporarily forgot about being underemployed, about having to go to the shop to work his modest delivery job, and then to clean the offices immediately afterwards. He forgot about the car troubles he was starting to have, and the overdue fee on his mortgage for having his house assessed last time they came so close to foreclosure, 345 dollars. He forgot about his wife's crack addiction and that she was in prison for harming his daughter.
Instead, he watched his two babies aged 10 and six wrap their small pile of gifts again in tissue paper. "Me first," said Amara. She held her dollar store coloring books, crayons, and dolls for all to see. Everyone clapped. "My turn," Michael said. He held up his gold Timex watch as proud as can be. A gold watch his Grandfather had given to his dad thirty Christmases ago.
He then held up a dollar store bible. The father unwrapped his Santa mug, he smiled and filled it with instant coffee. The family clapped and the tiny radio played Christmas tunes from a worn cassette. The son read aloud from the bible and they all were thankful.
Across the road- through towns and many miles not to far away- an in-tact family secular and successful- argued about who would clean up the paper from the day before, and who was next on the wireless game system. They ignored most of their Sparkle day presents and filled up on Doritos and soda while watching South Park. Their mom and dad sipped fresh ground coffee in the kitchen and talked about how wonderful the holiday had been.