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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The New Republicans 2016

They had a formal dinner and without hesitation placed the necessary agenda on the table for the head of the organization to consider. In bold letters he couldn't help but notice the fifth item, Survival as a minority party, the death of conservatism.
"A commander must sink with the ship, but his staff must live on to honor him." the talk radio host dignitary and leader said.
There were the normal mix of tears and hand shakes, tender memories were conversed upon, and the youngest members in the group kept their distance from the old dying ideologies that no longer garnered votes. They would repackage greed and prosperity.
At the end the PARTYwas done, reinvented younger and darker-- even renamed. The main players now hid in shadows, several men smoked cigars, and chuckled, "if you have to go done with the ship its nice when it's a fully staffed Yacht."