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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Penguin Swim or Love Hurts

The young couple entered the Penguin Swim to prove something to each other. Both wore red wetsuits, and stared at the angry cold Bay knowing that somehow doing something crazy would restore this past year; the betrayal, the anger, the damn lies.
"I love you Nick Portofoligski."
She dove into the cold water to modest applauds, and local media coverages flashbulbs. He waited, watched, and then sat quietly on the wooden dock; his long dark feet just touching the icy, murky, water. She surfaced all smiles, looking for her Nick, whom at this point had lit a long plastic tipped cigarette, and begun singing a parody of the Johnny Mathis song, Chances Are. Each lyric led to a stinging verse aimed at her; for plunging into the cold depths for him.
"I hate you Nick Portofoligski!"
She did a butterfly stroke to the opposite side of the dock in tears.

John Paul Mahofski December 2, 2012