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Monday, December 3, 2012

This little piggie Danced With Stars....

They held hands as they transcended high above their comfort zone; admitting that they were selfish piggies when it came to THEM. The judge leaned back and twisted his handlebar mustache for effect, which was why he had grown it.
The couple leaned forward; they gripped each others hands tighter, and smiled in unison.

The judge gave them extremely high scores after drawing more attention to himself by explaining choosing stars is a science.  Dancing superstars is no easy task it meant sacrificing everything like working 20 years of bad jobs; being underpaid by white men with white hair, not being envied for hardwork. The couple flexed their abs; thanked their dentists, personal trainers, and the audience last. America cheered and went back to hard lives without dancing.

By John Paul Mahofski 12/3/12