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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The man walked into a bar seeking answers. He sat down on a barstool when an attractive curvy bartender named Sasha asked him what she could get him.
He was afraid to tell her he was seeking answers, that would be odd and embarrassing, so he simply said, "I'll have some milk and if it isn't much trouble I'd like some cookies." The tall anchored man adjusted his old, dry grey suit, and creased his cheeks by tugging on his long peppered go-tee with his worn hands. As Sasha walked away her red hair danced against her caramel skin, her wiggle intoxicated the addicted craved customers, and the man whispered, "oh and some answers."
Sasha returned with the milk, two giant cookies infused with m&m candies and with her dark eyes and sexy lips. "Did I hear you ask for something more?" The pale man smiled placing a twenty on the counter. "No that will be all." The man left the bar seeking answers.