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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Grocery Shopping

"Excuse me are you a hipster, academic type? I noticed you have a whole foods grocery tote and your pants are super tight with a cool wallet chain attached." The young man asked.
"Are you an urban guy? I see you have colors and tats that could be cryptic towards a violent gang ideology, an anti authoritative rant perhaps, and you are African American." The whole foods tote owner asked.
The two men stood face to face and uttered stereotypes at one another for 18-24 minutes.
"Obscure nonfiction preference?"
"50 cent, 48 laws of power?"
"Fried food."
A young couple walked past the two men; the couple recently were married in a small empty room in the city. They were head over heels, a gorgeous woman from China, and an independent filmmaker from Harlem- head over heels.  They noticed the two men defining one another and walked past them in a wisp.
The two men continued the rant. The filmmaker turned to his bride.
"Assholes, you agree?"
"Foolish men holding up progress. Love will eventually take over...hatred."
He held her tiny hand and they moved along.

2013 John Paul Mahofski 1/13/13