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Saturday, March 16, 2013


They were in the same restaurant where they had their first date. A family-owned place, the same hostess still there. What an unexpected treat, the wife thought.
   "Well, Angel, what can I say? Here we are twenty years later, married, but I'll never forget that first night here, you that sexy twenty-something that made my head spin and toes curl in the back of my dad's Cadillac."
His wife whispered, "Hun, that memory of yours. I went home sick that night and you were so concerned that we ran right out of here and you even had to come back to pay the bill.  There was no toe-curling that first night." 
The husband smiled and held his wife's hand. He winked at the true intention of his toast. The hostess winked back at him.
©2011 John Paul Mahofski