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Friday, May 24, 2013

Confections of Love

The dinner date was sexy and superb; like a short street play you come upon while shopping for artsy knick knacks on vacation.
"So that was the day I knew I was getting my tongue pierced and becoming a creative chef," the purple haired anarchist smiled at the slightly overweight beekeeper. Like a performance piece the couple sat arched, Indian style, and indulged on a tofu medley. The waiter, a tattooed dancer from Pikispiye, Kansas suggested the homemade confection plate as desert, and the beekeeper motioned to his date with confused lonely eyes.
"Confections are so important in the industry. It is like a Warhol painting, only in the kitchen." They shared sexy confections, homemade honey discussion, and decided they were a perfect fit in a reality, trendy world. So they merged that night. Love is a look, art is hard work to admire, they were now.