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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dateline: Extra Extra!

The mans name is Hano Rac, and his credential was a visit from God while waiting for a tire repair at Mark's Tire and Furniture Shop.
"It was no coincidence that I was waiting for exactly two tires now is it? You see God told me I am an ancestor of Noah himself, mister two by two, and She also told me,  'Build an Ark', because it is about to go down again."
Rac informed the local paper in an exclusive interview as he sat chewing tobacco in a modest rocking chair made by Mark himself. Rac has begun work on his Ark near the Pocomoke river, and many have offered to help, but he has told them all to, "stay the hell away because further instructions are pending."
Hano Rac can often be seen sitting at Mark's Tire and Furniture shop drinking free coffee, and talking aloud in an empty waiting area. We will continue to follow this story closely.

©May 25, 2013 John Paul Mahofski