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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Prison Fiction

A prison Fiction:

The beggar and the wealthy doctor sat across from each other staring at one another in amazement.
"The great thing about prison is the odd pairings that come about in terms of roommates. The role reversals that take place," the beggar said.
The doctor slid 20 stamps to the beggar, and he motioned to the case of noodles and LittleDebbies that now rest on his cellmates bottom bunk. This months rent and in terms of prison income, quite a high price. The once wealthy, once handsome, once envied doctor, sobbed like a child lost in a department store.
"Oh come on doc. How is this any different than what you did to people when you were uptown? Take your medicine like your patients used to do. It's only a five year bit the time will fly," the beggar smiled.