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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dinner in Love

It was the same restaurant where they had their first date. The place that outlined them as if they were a novel: proposal, her pregnancy announcements, rehearsal dinners, wakes, making up after fights. So when Darrius told her they had a reservation at Collect Two that evening she knew there was something to discuss. But what?
The kids were fine, successful, safe. The bills were paid and the beach trip was easily affordable. The friends and family that were left were all in fine spirits.
"Oh shit,"  she said outloud. She prioritized her mind exactly the way Darrius would have. She knew what was left.
He waited until they both had wine and had ordered.
"Well, Angel,  Here we are thirty-four years later still standing, Partners, I believe the kids call it now."
His wife whispered, "My husband I call it and always will."
He smiled at her, people in love don't have to speak entire messages they just don't.
"It is inoperable." he said.
She held his hand in their favorite restaurant.
©2013 John Paul Mahofski