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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nuns need Benjamin's Too

The young couple seemed shocked when they arrived at the yard sale and saw that it was being run by nuns. There were four nuns in full white and black garb clutching rosaries awaiting customers.
"The sign said 'hipsters Welcome, Gangstas discounts, Haterz Don't Even Bother' Ohhh I get it. I get it," the trendy bearded hipster smiled.

"You are gonna change the secular hipster, cure the distraught forgotten gang leaders, with this yard sale."
The nuns laughed, and pointed at their tables directly behind them, all filled with product. The head nun stepped up and spoke directly to the hipster.
"Whatcha need homie..upcycled clothing, vintage tees, wolf, skull shirts, Tibetan stone erring's, recycled black vinyl records, or for the gangsta in ya, We got bling, slow jams, hiphop, colors, rims, fat tires, wassup." The couple seemed confused.
"Look ,salvation lies within. These are just items dawg, and we need some Benjamin's if we are going to hit Rome this summer. So get to shopping ,or get to stepping."