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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brutal Medicine

"You know your obesity is going to kill you?" she said.
"Of course I know that. Every obese person knows that, and has many skinny people that love to remind them."
She was his nurse practitioner and she made a lot of faces at him while she examined him.
"You need blood work, a physical, an update on your sleep apnea cpap, and I need you to get on the table," she said.
"I can't."
"I'm to fat."
"You can."
"The Doctor never made me get on the table he understood that it is very difficult for me."
"He retired. See I told you that you could," she said.
He was embarrassed, out of breathe, and angry. Maybe it was her intent to wake him up to living. Or maybe she was just a bitch and he disgusted her like a lazy student on a scholarship.
It was an example of modern medicine. An office visit his job required, a wellness plan to save the company money on employee health problems that were preventable. He would have to do what they say to pay his bills, and buy the fried food that is killing him.