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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mama's Favorites Bobby the Convict Part III

Bobby sat with his mother and she prayed out loud. "Father God we ask that you give us the wisdom to accept whatever decision you have made for Bobby. It is only through you that we sit here today."
Bobby held his mother's hand and even though he was 50 years-old he felt like a kid.
"This permit will give me a chance mama. A real chance. I don't want to work at a chicken factory and farm in between. I don't want to be around unhappy people that think their lives have no chance of moving forward. I don't want that punch to define me anymore."
Inside the room the negotiations over Bobby's future took place without him present. There was some hateful talk and there was the thought of local outrage in the community. However, there was eventually talk of love and hope.
"The man served his time and he was unlucky. We all know that he didn't intend that outcome."
The mayor nodded, and he knew this could be the end of his days as mayor.
He opened the door and invited Bobby and his mother into the chambers.
"I'd like to welcome you as an official business in our city. Your permit has been approved Bobby."
And with that sentence Bobby cried, his mama cried, and Mama's Favorites Food truck was born.