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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Part 1 Bobby the Convict

The meeting went long and Bobby kept pulling on his new tie, but his mama calmed his nerves.
"Stop fussing you got as much a right to this as any man on this Shore."
Bobby had never asked any white man for anything and now today he was going to ask the City Council for a permit to sell his food in what city folk would call a farm to table food truck.
"You've turned that farm around this last two years since...Well, baby Everyone already knows your BBQ and heck Mayor Ramos himself has come seeking your produce every season."
Bobby smiled at his mother he loved everything about her and knew this was a chance for him to give back to her after so many years locked up.
"They'll see you now Mr. Conway."
Bobby stood, leaned over and kissed his Mama and then entered the chambers his future in the hands of men that he knew would be judging him.