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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cold Bread

"You look terrible," she said.
"Thanks," he said.
They had met on a fall afternoon several years earlier and they made love once in awhile ever since.
"That being said you were a real tiger last night," she said.
"I've been eating brain food mostly kale and oily fish," he said.
"Well you seem more thoughtful, you know during," she said.
The man was married to a City Council woman, but had come to love this other woman.
"I changed my eating plan for you," he said.
"When is the next time you'll be through this way? I want you to look better by then," she said.
The man checked the calendar on his phone. He also pulled his collar high and scratched at his beard.
"I'm presenting new ideas at the Apple Festival in three months. I will probably try a modest weightlifting regiment in the interim," he said.
She checked her phone and thought briefly about her fiance Jed whom was babysitting her daughter and fixing her car that day.
"That will be perfect," she said.