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Friday, October 23, 2015

Slow Tango Tangle I think.

"I will warn you just once ... stay the f@‪#‎K‬ away for a minute," he said. 
But the tango knows no fear. And the music was pouring as fast as the champagne cocktails; he grabbed the man by the shoulders.
They began to dance fast and rigorously like two geese flying south in perfect rhythm, like two perfect cats purring at dinner.
"Remember what i'm like when i'm pissed. it's been a while since folks have seen my stupid crazy...well he's back for a visit ..."
He spun him around deviating from the traditional tangle but garnering mild applauds from several seniors that were dining nearby.
The angry man lightened. He smiled a bit the magic of the tango worked its powers and he softened.