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Friday, October 2, 2015

The Weeping Librarian

The public librarian in the small town was notorious for crying all of the time. It was for this reason no one really reacted when he wept for 30 minutes as a result of losing a roll of masking tape. The only awkward part was an unwritten community rule had surfaced to comfort Frock Anderson whensoever he was in one of these weep filled states.
"The thing about tape Mr. Frock, is it leaves a legacy of posters and mended book covers behind, that goes on for years," one woman told him.
"You know I tell you these things happen on the job to everyone. You are still the best I know of at what you do," a kind man mentioned.
"I lost my aunties change purse and she forgave me Mr. Frock," a young child offered. Frock came from around the counter and hugged her.
Soon we all joined patting Frock Anderson on his back, telling our best masking tape stories, and just comforting our neighbor.