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Thursday, October 8, 2015


He marched right up to her and said it.
"Would you like to go to a picture show with me?"
She looked at him; he wasn't much to twirl the eyes over. He weighed maybe 160 pounds, stood perhaps 5' 6" and his glasses were about as old as when people called movies picture shows.
"It would be my treat and the Marva Theater is showing a Hepburn."
"You realize it is 2015 don't you?" She giggled.
He began to fidget a bit side to side, and wiggle his fingers like a nervous pianist. He smiled and mentioned that he admired her work at the museum, specifically the current display on midwives throughout history.
She suddenly lost herself in conversation and found herself enjoying the discussion. They talked about books and admired the old draw bridge in town from a historical standpoint.
"I accept." She was shocked to hear herself say.
"Did you say Woot?" she asked.
He nodded.
"Woot back at ya." She smirked.