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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dickering for Copper Pots and What nots

There she was, and to Bob Mackey it was as pretty as a pageant winner.
"My oh my an Antique Turkish copper pot w/ forged iron handles and just looky at that gorgeous natural patina"
Miss Peggy blushed as she mentioned her people always had a fine eye for collectibles. 
"I used it as a planter and I tell you this, aint never had a substitute mail carrier that didn't give it the once over when they set foot on my porch. It is 140 dollars. 
Bob rubbed the pot a bit with his coarse left hand and commenced to dickering.
"75," he said.
"125," Miss Peggy tugged a bit on her necklace.
"90," he said.
"100, final number now Bobby." Miss Peggy demanded turning her head as fast as a swarm of Geese.
And that was that Bob nodded, they shook hands, and as the world went about its madness two old country souls dickered a deal on an old copper pot.