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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Last Word

"Prioritize," he said before he died. 
I grabbed for his hand and all I could think of in such a moment was, "I will dad."
And then I sat there in the dark room with all the machines beeping. I drank the ginger-ale he never sipped. Eventually they came and left, he was gone as were the machines. His eyes finally closed to the world. His heart no longer racing. I spent the next two years thinking about that one word. Prioritize. That word didn't even exist when he was born, Prioritize was a brainchild of a marketing/business-type person which was the opposite of him. It came about in 1972, the presidential election. I mean I knew what he meant, God, family etc., but that word came from jargon to sell cheap ideas fast. And I didn't like it on his tongue. Because he was to kind for corporate words, to clean for cheap jargon. I wanted him back so we could come up with a better ending.