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Friday, November 27, 2015

Silhouette at Motel 6

She stretched in front of the window, a dark silhouette, sexy and long. 
"I never made love to a stranger before," she said not turning away from the open air.
"Stranger? I happen to be your insurance man. We consider ourselves part of your family," he said.
"Well that is kind of disgusting," she laughed.
They begin to wrestle right there in the Motel Hotel Zenith, Room 231. She swung at him with all of her might and he ducked like a prize fighter. He threw the six pack of complimentary beer at her and she kicked at him utilizing all of her gym lessons.
They begin to curse and a crowd gathered in the parking lot outside. She had him in a headlock when the desk clerk arrived.
"We make sure your family is covered, your car is covered if you have an accident. Stranger you dare to call me a..."
She watched as he was removed from the room and then gathered herself and then reached for her cellphone to call her husband another stranger.