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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Spilled Apple Cart

He had been beaten by the school bullies five times, because he was sweet and kind but homely and chubby. Yet there he stood in the small courtyard as if he were as tall as a Timber; offering apples to other children from his father's simple orchard. Yesterday, they chased him home and he was lost, left in a city block few seldom ventured towards, including the bullies themselves. 
The child felt fine though even safe; he gave away apples to the worst criminals and poorest junkies that lined the block like soldiers. He gave an old woman on a bus bench a kiss on her pale fallen cheek; a gang leader was handed his best pencil box, he hugged a drunkard that wept on a sidewalk. Eventually, his Father would find him and take him home in their old truck.The lad worried about that neighborhood and those in it, and he couldn't wait to be kind to other people no matter how many beatings he would take. So he stood in the courtyard homely and chubby handing out apples.