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Monday, December 7, 2015

Faith in Glory

His mom didn't care if he was a known felon that couldn't get it straight. She didn't care that people constantly said they too were poor but made it. Why was he ganged up and banged up and a dangerous dark threat they demanded to know?
Every Christmas she grabbed her son and put her forehead to his and prayed out loud:
LORD let him find you-- LET him turn away from the chaos, coveting, idolization, devastation, abomination, the whores, the sweat of thieves the drugs, the hustles and instead praise this life for its simple sunlight and Glory. Find him, change him help him.
Every year he lived for that prayer and thought maybe this time. Then with shaky hands and tearful eyes he'd eat his mom's special dinner and hand her a card with a biblical verse but stare out the window at that damn world.