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Friday, January 1, 2016

Fish Sandwich

He stood in front of the store for 20 minutes waiting for his father to exit. The old crossing guard approached him at about the halfway point she was cloaked in an orange raincoat and wore squeaky leather shoes. She had a silver badge and her dyed hair shot out from under her hat, which was black and stringy.
"Whatcha waiting on Josh?" She asked.
"My dad's in there taking care of business; he hit the numbers and he's buying us all fish sandwiches and fries with vinegar," Josh said.
So the crossing guard stood next to Josh and pulled his hood strings tighter since the rain was blowing sideways.
"Why don't you go inside?" She asked.
"Mom says I can't, cause they gamble like banshees, curse on God, and cheat on their wives," Josh said.
"Yeah but she lets your daddy go in there though?" She asked.
Joshua looked at the old crossing guard through her wet hair that covered her old brown eyes.
"Yeah well she says sometimes in life you got to look past things if you want a good fish sandwich."
The crossing guard nodded, lit up a cigarette and went back to the corner traffic. Josh waited for the fish.