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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pretty Masks

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" she asked.
She was gorgeous; as pretty as fresh rain on an island flower. 
"I'm not attractive. I don't quite understand why someone like you, tall, soft skinned, perfect smile and magical eyes would buy me a cup of coffee," he said.
She sat right next to him; she smelled like pink soap and cool lotion.
"I think many of us wear masks and because of that we don't see what is inside. The Pope said the only thing we spend more money on than cosmetics is our pets, he considers both to be idolatrous. I just want to know someones inside," she said.
He looked at her and took a deep breath, breathing in the smells of Caf au Lait, Mochachino, and Macchaitos.
"My mask won't distract you that is for sure, but my inside is bleeding from being ugly."
She held his hand it was nervous and shaking.